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What-Dog Microsoft Project Fetch App

Microsoft isnt just into Windows OS biz , its Garage Projects , unlocking smartphone's potential , doing various analysis , crafted as small-scale projects are a thing now . 

After the age prediction tool , which was quite popular , and wasnt accurate enough , Microsoft launched a new one , with same Project Oxford AI , the tool identifies a dog's breed .

The project - What-Dog is simple to use , all you have to do is upload a picture of a dog (or choose from existing ones) and it'll try to identify its breed, or even search using the bing search bar provided on page itself .
Tried using photo of my pet
Also , if a picture your uploaded isn't as same breed as shown , you can submit the same to Microsoft , so as to improve their system .

Now a fun thing , yes the tool tries to identify the dog breed , which is accurate enough , but the fun lies , when you can upload a person's photograph , and it'll try to predict the same ( the results are funny ) , try yourself .

The website : What-Dog.net is just for trying out the real app .
The app itself called : Fetch! , is available on iOS only , so , all the iOS users can download the app from here :  Fetch! A Microsoft Garage Project

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 The App interface is simple enough , click on the camera , and you get three options , along with just simple camera , there are : Photo Library and Camera with Sounds (to attract a dog to look towards the camera) . 

Fetch! iOS APP 

 So what are you waiting for  ? 

Head towards : What-Dog.Net  if you dont have an iOS device 

Have some fun results share with us here in comments , and dont forget to share the post and like our page : Innotechive

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