WD My Passport X a Pricey Gaming Passport

WD My Passport X

The storage limitations are one of the problems "console" gamers face these days.
Gone are the days when games were in few Gigs , now the games on a console itself can take Gigs of data , be it installation , or the whole game itself .

If you're a PS4 user , you'll have to open your PS4 , and then you'll have access to HDD , which can be replaced with higher capacity ones , so that more games can be installed on HDD .
But this is quite some task you have to do before you can replace the HDD , before playing that Title you just bought .

But on other hand , on a XBOX One , you can connect an external HDD , and install/download games in the HDD itself .
Directly moving games to HDD , saves the effort of keeping the Disc intact.
One can store many titles on 1 TB of HDD itself , but moving games and playing them effortlessly will depend on speed of transfer , of course.

So here comes the WD ( Western Digital) My Passport X  to the rescue.

WD My Passport X is a 2TB External HDD , designed for Gaming , especially for XBOX itself .
Just plug it in , and forget about it .

It guarantees a seamless game-play , equipped with both USB 2.0 and 3.0 , therefore a lag-free gameplay without worrying of Titles using up much space.

But this doesn't mean , its exclusively for Xbox , one can use it with computers too , the speed wouldn't disappoint you .

Now lets move on to its Designand features

Design : 

The My Passport X is quite sleek and is in a compact size enclosure , so don't have to worry about bulkiness.
WD My Passport X

Dimensions are as follows : 110 x 81.5 x 20.9mm (for the specific ones ! )

The case as you can see , is all black with Diagonal Lines , and upon noticing , you'll notice that it resembles the Xbox's design .
WD My Passport X
With only a little matte finish , the body is actually prone to scratches , and can be said as scratch magnet as it happened with us too .Just using it for a week , carrying it along with other non sharp items still caused scratches , so you'll have to keep it protective otherwise it wouldn't look as good as before.

So the design can be said as a drawback.

WD My Passport XThe port is a USB 3.0 port , it doesn't requires much external power , so its good for your One.
Besides the port lies a LED , illuminating when connecting , and blinking to indicate a data transfer.

The cable provided is quite short , an advantage for Xbox users but a Disadvantage for some of the Computer users out there.


Performance :

Since its a USB 3.0 , the speed hits a 100 Mb/s when plugged in a USb3.0 compatible device , in this case a Xbox One , or computer with a USB3.0 port.

WD My Passport XThe performance is actually good , as unlike others the speed doesn't deviate much in USB3.0 mode.

If you're going to use it on a USB2.0 System , you wouldn't be disappointed as the speed did hit 30 Mb/s (almost) in our case , while being continuously in range 25-29 MB/s , a good thing actually.

Here's the Graph of same (for USB2.0) :
WD My Passport X Performance

The HDD doesnt heat up much even during extensive use , so it wouldn't cause problems while using My Passport X HDD.

WD My Passport X2 TB data capacity is pretty good for both Xbox One users and for those who would like to using this on computers and/or other devices.

Price :

The WD My Passport X can be bought at a price of Rs.8137 (amazon)  from leading e-commerce sites.

Its a plug in and play for Xbox One users , so gamers looking for a high capacity external HDD to meet their requirements and at same time don't want to compromise with speed shouldn't find the price much expensive , for them its a one time investment .

But for others , its a lot pricey ,its like many can compromise with speed but dont want to pay that much for an external HDD . So for those guys , we can say that you should pass on this and look towards other options out there .

Verdict :

My Passport X is a pricey/expensive external HDD considering its performance isnt out of the earth but its something which cannot be ignored .

Not just Xbox users but PC gamers can use the same for their game collection without compromising with performance (if its a USB3.0 system) but at same time WD offers My Passport Ultra at a price tag of Rs.6979 (Amazon)  and from the house of Seagate , there's Seagate Backup Plus ( a 2TB Ext. HDD and 200GB cloud storage) at Rs.6444 (Amazon)

Still one can buy the same from here :

And other Options :


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