5 Best Dining Apps for iOS (iPad/iPhone)

5 Best Dining Apps for iOS

Everybody needs a break from cooking once in a while. It is not easy to decide where to eat as there are a lot of options to choose from. Sometimes you do not want to take a risk and try a random restaurant. 

To make your life easier, here is a list of 5 best dining apps for iOS.
Before we move on to the apps, we would like to thank Simon Dyer in the UK for suggesting Matchbook to us.
But since that was a suggestion from our reader, we’ll put it here as a bonus.

You will still get five top apps:

5 Best Dining Apps for iOS1. Yelp:

Yelp was the first restaurant finding apps on Apple.
It is still the largest and perkiest app available for finding restaurants. You can easily read reviews before choosing a restaurant.

You can also check out different promotions and deals offered by the cafes near you.
It also shows you the photos of different eateries closer to you.

This app lets you find a diner according to your requirement as you can easily narrow down the search by entering your desired location, price, rating and distance.

2. Foursquare:

5 Best Dining Apps for iOSThis app has been quite famous for a while.
It not only lets you become “mayor” of different places but also lets you find new places to eat.
By using this app you can find out your friends preferences for dining out.
Your friends can advise you on what to order from a particular restaurant.

You can even enter your choice of food to help you finding a diner that serves food according to your liking.

5 Best Dining Apps for iOS

3. Eat24:

In case you don’t feel like cooking or going out to eat, you can just order your food. Eat24 lets you order your food from 25,000 different restaurants.
This app not only lets you look for a specific kind of cuisine, but it also lets you look up for certain dishes. It shows you a number of photos of different dishes that you can order.
You can also save your credit card number securely on this app for future purchases.

4. Urbanspoon (Now a part of Zomato) :

5 Best Dining Apps for iOSThis classy app is really helpful especially if you travel a lot.

It lets you browse different eating places on the basis of distance, cuisines and rating.
You can go through the menu of different restaurants along with the pictures.
 It also shows reviews of food critics and food fans.

5. Zagat:

Zagat gives you brief reviews of dining out places.
There is a sorting system which rates the d├ęcor, service and food quality of different restaurants.

There is also a list of places chosen by the experts to make your decision easier.

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