Whatsapp Blank White Screen iPhone FIX

White Screen Whatsapp Issue

So , are you facing that weird blank white screen issue in Whatsapp on your iPhone ? Well , here we are with a fix.
Whatsapp Blank White Screen Fix
Whatsapp Blank White Screen

Since 31st May 2016 , many iPhone users started facing a weird issue with their Whatsapp .
There was an update launched , and a number of users started facing the issue since 1st June.

Well the issue , is ( was , since we are going to fix it ) that upon opening the application , users were welcomed by a Blank White screen on their iPhones and restarting the app and iPhone itself didn't solve the problem .

Well , many did solve the problem/issue by reinstalling the app , but trust us , we know exactly how it feels , the effort of reinstalling the app , configuring it again , and to take care of your backup too.

So , moving to the possible solutions , there are two of them currently :

Reinstall Whatsapp :

No you are not going to reinstall the app , but if you are that kind of a user who just wouldn't follow the 2nd method or fix , then its for you .
Go on and reinstall the app , but let us tell you that , the problem seems with the update itself , so reinstalling can fix the problem for a while , but if you face it again , you sure would like to follow our 2nd method below , which will surely work .


Revoke Application's Permissions and Authorize them again :

This method includes , going into settings , whatsapp , and then revoking all the app permissions.

Here's How:

  •  Go to Settings , scroll down , then select Whatsapp .
Whatsapp Blank White Screen FixWhatsapp Blank White Screen Fix

  • Whatsapp Blank White Screen FixNow , you should see most or all of the permissions are authorized already. What you have to do now is , deselect each and every permission .

  • Once you have revoked all the permissions , close the app first and launch it again .

And in the end it should work .

  • Once you are done with Revoking the permissions , and Whatsapp is running fine too , its time to go back into settings again , and re-enable/authorize all the permissions again like in one of the screenshots.

We Guess it Worked ! 

Now , share this fix with your friends , you don't want them with a broken whatsapp , do you?

Comment below if it worked for you or not , and post your views , if any . ( And Dont forget to like/share our social accounts)
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