NETFLIX Finally launched in India with Plans starting from Rs.500

Netflix , the famous video streaming service is finally launched in India .

It was launched (extended to) 131 countries including India and others , spread across Asia, Middle East and Europe.

One of the few questions that arises when hearing this news are the plans for this service .


Well, its good to know that the plan starts from Rs.500 , and the highest plan being at Rs.800 per month , and on comparing with ones in US , its almost same , and are quite reasonable.

Facts: Netflix is available across 70 mn homes worldwide.
           Users have watched over 12 bn hours of Netflix video in just Q4'15 itself 

It can be figured out that now the number of users+hrs watched will increase as major markets are being targeted , but China is the only major country which has been left out from the list , till now. And according to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, they're planning to enter China soon .

Moving over to plans , there are three plans available namely - Basic, Standard and Premium ( Details in the Image) .

As you can see in the image , it can be seen that the Standard Plan sounds good , and that's what we'll recommend you , the one at Rs.650 per month , as supports HD as well as you can watch on 2 screens Simultaneously .
Along with this , we're getting First Month free too , something good for new customers , especially in India to try the service first .

Netflix is almost an addiction , consisting a huge pile of movies and TV shows , which includes some its exclusive content i.e. produced by Netflix itself , under the name : Netflix Original Moniker.
The exclusive ones include House of Cards, Daredevil , Jessica Jones etc.

However , in India there are some competitors as well , like Hotstar,Eros Now etc. but we still think they dont stand a chance against Netflix , as its quite famous for its exclusive content now.

Now whats the main thing required in India is to make the ISPs better , so as to provide better bandwidth , if its achieved then there'll be surely a rise of alternatives to regular TV service providers .
For any queries you may shoot up the questions at : [email protected]
Or visit Netflix Help Page for FAQs

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