How You Can See Lost Notifications On an Android Device

Usually when we open our Android Device after a long time due to any of the reasons , we receive a plenty of notifications , so much that many find it lazy to read all of them , one by one . 
Happens with me too , and like most of you people , I clear all of them.

But what if you did the same and realized that there might be some important notification ?

Well , now you'll not regret this action of yours because I am going to tell you a way , using which you can recover and see all the notifications . No Additional Apps Required !

There's a setting/app called "Notifications log" , using which you can see all the notifications .

Here's How You Can:

Before we begin , let me tell the non-rooted users , a good thing , no root is required for this .

Make Sure you are on on your device's home screen .
Find an empty space , tap and hold to get the Options (different options for different device) .

Among these , there'll be an option to add widgets.

And under the widgets , there will be widgets and shortcuts for your apps .

Choose the shortcut for "Settings" and drag it to your home screen.

And once you do that , you will be provided with various options . Scroll down , find and choose "Notification log".

That's all , now whenever required you can open the same and see your Previous Notifications or so called "Notification log"

Hope you found this tip quite useful and helpful . Let us know if it helped you and share your thoughts in comments below .


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