Street Photography- a different time

Go for repetitions -Innotechive

Street photography is the most uncertain and interesting breed of never  know what is going to happen on the next second on the streets ,so you must be aware of each and everything in your surrounding and be imaginative because story is what makes a photo.

It should be able to make the viewers feel the mood and question themselves as soon as they look at a photo.

One of the biggest question comes to mind while clicking on streets is that "how to shoot strangers?", the answers is very simple, most of the time you just have to be brave enough to go and just shoot but sometimes its better to ask the people before shooting them.
There are few important things in street photography which can really make your photo a little more interesting,

  • Like in this one,the man right behind the man in front have nearly same posture.

Go for repetitions -Innotechive
Go for repetitions

  • When i was standing in front of this place,she was staring at me like i am standing there with a gun in my hand and it was really getting weird but after few minutes i just clicked and she didn't utter a word and she never knew what i was taking my home with me that day.

Street Photography -Innotechive
Be brave and press the shutter

  • Just like repetitions,lines could also make your photo's look real different than the usual ones.Lines help in sliding in the photo like here ,the lines leads me to the upper right corner of the photo where this red pants was a bonus.I just stood there holding my camera and waited for someone to pass through that crossing.

Street Photography 1.1-Innotechive
Look for leading lines

  • Symmetry is the key.But sometimes it is just good to experiment with the frame and it includes looking at things from a different angle.and it do includes looking at this world upside down,so just take your camera and rush to the streets and yeah,always remember , "world is an interesting place" ,
           what your part is "ʎɐʍ ʇuǝɹǝɟɟıp ɐ uı pןɹoʍ ǝɥʇ ǝʌɹǝsqo oʇ"

Street Photography 1.2-Innotechive
Choosing the right symmetry

Hope you liked it . 

You can always post your views in the comment section.

By Devashish Gaur 
You can always contact me and follow my works here : Devashish Gaur's FB PROFILE

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