PS4 To be Revealed at Sony’s Destination Playstation event?

Is Sony Going To Reveal PS4 After Few Months? Or Its Just A Rumor
PS4 releasing Date Innotechive

 Sony could be readying itself to reveal the next-gen PlayStation 4 if fresh rumours are to believed.

A Sony press conference is scheduled for February 25th and Expert Reviews believes this could be the launch platform Sony will use to reveal its new next generation console, the PS4.

Sony’s Destination Playstation event, according to the website, will ‘formally unveil its next-generation PlayStation 4 console for the first time, showing off pre-release hardware ahead of an expected 2014 launch’.

The site also claims that Sony will announce the PS4 in order to draw attention away from the expected reveal of Microsoft’s follow-up to the Xbox 360, which is rumoured to have announcement scheduled later this year at E3.

It is also believed that Microsoft will launch its next generation console before the end of the year so with Sony announcing first it would appear that it's hoping the PS4 will offer enough promise to persuade some gamers to wait for its release in 2014 before upgrading.

Will Sony be able to convince many to hang-on for the PS4 when an the Xbox 720 is already on shop shelves? It will be interesting to find out.

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