Samsung Galaxy S6 :-The Next Flagship On The Way

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Read the post to know about what the next flagship smartphone- Galaxy S6 would feature.

The mobile industry is one of the most booming industries these days. Every time they are coming up with something new and high tech attracting their customers. Every few months we are observing the launch of a new Smartphone from popular companies such as Samsung and Apple. It is demand of the customers and to stay best in mobile industry these companies have to fulfill their demands. It is nature of human beings to desire something better than before. Because of these reasons consumers always crave for the latest technology. Smart phone manufacturers are not disappointing them.  The Korean company Samsung is very popular these days. The company has launched several amazing, smart phones, which were well appreciated by their customers.
Samsung phones are quite popular and are being used by millions of people. T Samsung is giving people what they want. Over the years Samsung has come up with a way on how to keep their customers happy. Their smart phones are having amazing and extraordinary features. Galaxy S6 is the flagship of the company and soon it is going to launch its 6th generation next year. Hot gossips and rumors are easily available on the blogs. The company has not announced any official release data of the next galaxy Smartphone, but it is expected to be launched in 2015.
Release date of Galaxy S6
The release date of the Smartphone’s is always well calculated. There are several factors which need consideration to get the possible release date of the next Smartphone. The company released galaxy S4 in April in the year 2013 and S5 in 2014. It is quite obvious that there is going to be a gap in the release of S5 and S6 launch. People always complain about some features of the cell phone. 
Mobile industry looks at the reactions, criticisms and other factors so that they can come up with the better the next time. They need to create something better than their previous Smartphone’s and all this need time. Thus we can expect its launch the next year. It is also being rumored that the Korean company will launch Samsung Galaxy S6 in February. Smartphone’s come with different price tags, but because some amazing modifications are made in Galaxy S6 like flexible display, this phone is not going to be easy on your pocket.

Rumored features
It is expected that the Samsung next generation is going to have a nice battery back up with Android OS. This one is the feature you can look into S6. A good battery life is going to be an advantage for users. The Smartphone might have a flexible display, which will be a unique thing for the users. Samsung might also not stick to their plastic designs.  
There might be a fingerprint sensor. There are several other features which are added in this generation.  The Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to be a popular launch by the company in 2015. 
The release date is not officially announced, but we can expect to see it in February 2015.

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